The Hottest State Management Libraries

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State Management

Understanding Why

UI is a function of state

With no prescribed standard

React State

Understanding Why

React is better

The bar is raised

But React HAS state management!

setState - be free

setState - be free

Not so fast hippie!!!

Chain of Custody Props

<FirstComponent meantForSomeChild='hi' />
  <SecondComponent {...this.props} />
  <ThirdComponent {...this.props} />
  <FourthComponent {...this.props} />
  <FifthComponent {...this.props} />
  FinalComponent = (props) => <Button>{props.meantForSomeChild}</Button>
  <ThirdComponent someSetting={props.justMe} />



And then... Redux

or is it?

State isn't Solved

...and Accepted

We need a place to decide for ourselves

We are Engineers and Scientists


Platforms Galore


Something Simple