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How much sick time do you get?

1.67 hours accrue each pay period for a total of 40 hours each year.

What's the MAX vacation accrual possible?

Max vacation is 160 hours (4 weeks).

How much extra time are you allotted for Covid?

In 2020, Infinite Red added an additional week of sick time per week specifically for covid-related illness, caretaking, or getting tested/vaccinated. This includes recovery days after being vaccinated. This policy was extended for 2021 and 2022 as well.

Can I switch my Friday for Saturday?

A properly communicated switch (assuring no hiccups for Leadership, the client, and your co-workers) is completely acceptable.

What unique day does each employee get off?

Each employee is given their birthday off!

Can I move my Birthday-vacation day?

No.  However, if your birthday falls on a weekend or existing holiday, you can elect a contiguous day off (before or after the existing days). Significant re-location of these days is not in the spirit of this perk.

Of course IR is willing to discuss your personal situation and needs ♥

Can you get an advance on your sick time?

Yes!  Hours may be used in advance of being accrued.

My Gusto PTO wasn't approved yet, am I off today!?

If you've followed all the steps in the handbook, and you have confirmation from leadership that there is no issue, then the PTO is approved.

Can I take a "mental health" day?

Yes!  We treat you like adults.  You can take a day if you feel you need to.  Of course, don't use this as extra vacation, it's for your well-being.

Can I take a sick day when my spouse/kid is sick?

Yes! Sick days are no fun, but at least you can rest assured about your work expectations.

How many days off for December "winter break"?

You'll get an entire week off.  When!?  That kind of depends on the year, consult our company calendar for the exact dates.

I'm creating a small human.  Now what?

Let us know your expected dates, and we'll help you communicate our expectations with the client.

How much leave do I get with each child?

Birth Parent: Infinite Red assures 100% of your salary for 6 weeks without using vacation or sick leave.

Non-birth Parent: Infinite Red assures 100% of your salary for 2 weeks without using vacation or sick leave.

* IR provides the above factored into after any short-term disability and state programs have been applied

What about adoption?

Infinite Red provides parental leave (non-birth parent) for an adopted child.

How much does IR contribute to balance of your FSA or HSA per year.

IR Contributes $200 a year

What if I want to take more time off for my new child?

You can use your PTO and Sick to augment your time off.  Unpaid leave can be evaluated on a case by case basis.

What if I want to change my health insurance?

You can only change your health during:
1. Open enrollment

2. A qualifying life event


You can do all of this in Gusto.

Which of the following is not an IR benefit?

  1. Birthday Off
  2. 401(k)
  3. Orthodontics
  4. Vision

The answer is 3. Orthodontics

Do you pay to add IR short term disability?

NO.  Infinite Red automatically covers this for all W2 employees.

What is the short term disability pay out?

60% of Salary - up to $2,000 a week


STD max pay out term is 13 weeks out of work

Do you have Long Term Disability?

YES.  Infinite Red provides LTD as a benefit to all W2 employees.

What is Guardian's long term disability pay out?

LTD pays 60% of your salary up to $10,000 a month.


Long term payout maxes out at retirement age.

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