React Native WebView

by Jamon Holmgren

About Me

Jamon Holmgren

Co-founder/CTO of Infinite Red


Twitter: @jamonholmgren


  • Early 2015: React Native announced

  • 2015-2018: Many third-party forks

  • September 2018: WebView extracted

History of

Infinite Red

  • Android released Sept. 2015

  • 15 React Native developers

  • Ignite -

  • Reactotron -

  • Chain React -

React Native Adoption at


React Native at

  • Market Place tab

  • Monorepo

  • 5+ other internal and external apps

Pull Request

React Native

  • How does it get merged?

  • Facebook's needs?

  • Stagnation (it was bad -- 700+ unmerged pull requests, thousands of open issues)

  • Many WebView-related issues

WebView Forks

React Native

  • iOS

  • Android

  • None for both!

A Better Solution...?

React Native

The Slimmening

React Native

(aka Lean Core)


React Native


New Repo for RFCs

React Native



React Native


React Native

  • Simple drop-in

Extracting WebView

React Native

  • iOS - Objective-C

  • Android - Java

  • Working with core WebView -- not yet extracted

  • Maintaining compatibility

Stability Improvements

React Native

  • 165 merged pull requests

  • 71 releases

  • 57 contributors

  • Follow my co-maintainer, Thibault Malbranche: @titozzz

Facebook + Community

React Native

  • Working much closer with the React Native community

  • ~50 open pull requests and dropping

  • Under 500 open issues

Lean Core

React Native

  • ~50 components

Thank You!

Thanks to React Helsinki and for hosting!
Follow me on Twitter: @jamonholmgren

Infinite Red:

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React Native WebView

By Infinite Red

React Native WebView

Jamon Holmgren's talk on the React Native WebView

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