What is React Native?

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  • Functional programming?
  • Benefits of Functional programming
  • How React uses these ideas to make programming fun.
  • UI as function of state

What is React Native?

  • React virtual DOM, React Fiber
  • Cross platform applications
  • By Facebook
  • "Learn once, write anywhere"

What is React Native?

  • JavaScript code
  • React Fiber
  • Generates native components
  • Commands creation & destruction

Who Uses React Native?

React Philosophy


  • Flexible
  • Predictable
  • Easier to debug

Declarative Example

Declarative Code

$("#btn").click(function() {
  $(this).text() === 'Add Highlight'
    ? $(this).text('Remove Highlight')
    : $(this).text('Add Highlight')


  • Small reusable components
  • Combine components into screens
  • Screen into Apps

Basic React Native Concepts

What is React Native?

By Infinite Red

What is React Native?

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