The 6 Cores of Marketing

by Gant Laborde

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Ethology refers to these modal action patterns as instinctive and running to completion

Humans have complicated fixed action patterns that are exploited to overload our everyday shortcuts.

Core #1 - Reciprocity

#1 - Reciprocity

The Regan Study
Free Samples (Amway/Grocery Stores)
Mints at Dinner

Keys of Use

Personalization is strongest. 
Reciprocation works when liking falls flat.
Reciprocation works when you choose the gift and the request.

Core #2 - Consistency

#2 - Consistency

Medical Appointments
"Drive Safely" sign experiment

Keys of Use
Small concessions make for larger commitments
Bait and switch/ Foot in door
Active, Public, Effortful, Owned

Core #3 - Social Proof

#3 - Social Proof

Laugh tracks and claque -Backstreet Boys Effect
Sylvan Goldman - The Grocery Cart

Keys of Use
Social Proof works with or without physical proof.
Most effective when people are unsure.

It can be obviously faked and still work.


Core #4 - Likeability

#4 - Likability

Attractive people studies (Workplace/ Jail/Politics etc.)
Common Sense

Pavlovian association of likability rubs off, usually undetected.
People's words show how much they like something.
Know and use the 5 aspects of likability:

  • Physically Attractive
  • Similarity 
  • Compliments 
  • Contact and Cooperation
  • Conditioned 

  • Core #5 - Authority

    #5 - Authority

    Milgram Experiment

    Validate authority for yourself.
    Titles add credulity.
    Dress for Success.

    Core #6 - Scarcity

    #6 - Scarcity

    Worschel, Lee, and Adewole Experiment
    Every fitness club ever

    Scarcity raises value by simple Supply/Demand.
    Scarcity causes buyer's remorse.
    Scarcity of options works best - Gravitational middle

    Speaking of scarcity....

    That's All!